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MQTT values periodically corrupted (2.9X and 3.00beta)

Hello - I am using a Multiplus GX with a pylontech battery stack.

I am collection the process data via the internal mqtt-broker from the gx unit - this values are used in different systems (influx, nodered, grafana, home assistant). My problem is, that the battery values (current, voltage, power) are sometimes corrupted (like a overflow). First I thought, that my data processing is doing "somthing wrong" - but I have broken it down to the internal broker and i can see (e.g. with mqtt-explorer) that the .json data from the multiplus seems to be wrong...

Attached you can see a screenshot of the described phenomenon.


It happens first with the 2.9X version of the venusOS - actually I have installed the 3.00-21 as beta to see if the behavior changes - it does not change.

I have although activated the VRM-Data (which was deactivated in the past) to see if I have the same strange data - no: the data in the VRM seems to be ok. I haven never ever get some warnings or alerts from the system, so I thing the internal values "inside" the multiplus are ok - but the mqtt data is definitely corrupted.

Perhaps an interesting bug - If anyone has an idea, what to do or to check: feel free to comment my question ;)

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Weather forecast controlled Minimum SoC setpoint, using Node-red & Home Assistant

Since a while I wanted to have my Minimum SoC setpoint controlled by weather (solar yield) forecast and others parameters. So in the end to get a dynamic SOC control.
After digging into the matter I have a solution that might be interesting for others too.


My solution might be an overkill for many users, but it has some really nice feature as it allows to charge the battery with cheap grid power at night.
All the details you can find in the Github repo:

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