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Cerob HDMI resolution change


Good day all,

I have a standard screen plugged into my HDMI port on cerbo but the bottom part is cut of, how can I change the resolution to get the output to fit full screen

henk-rademeyer asked
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Can I use HDMI splitters, extension cables, joiners, converters or extenders with the Cerbo GX?

Hello Community,

A very common question, perhaps the first question I hear,

Is it possible to extend, split, convert, double, use multiple GX Touch 50's or do anything fancy with the HDMI output of the Cerbo GX?

Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) asked
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HDMI from Cerbo to Micro USB on Tablet

Has anyone tried running a stepdown HDMI to Micro USB cable from a Cerbo GX to a Samsung Galaxy Tab3 to display the Remote Consul . I know it can be done WiFi or Bluetooth but can it be done directly through a cable .

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HDMI Screen

Is there anything that can be plugged into the HDMI port on the Cerbo GX that would display either the VRM or the Remote Consul . I only need something that i can view what's happening situated near the equipment without the expense of a Victron Touch screen . I wondered about a kids TV that we bought our daughter many years ago which has a 5 inch screen and RCA inputs ( 1xVideo 1x Audio ) , my thoughts were to get a HDMI to RCA converter cable but don't know if it would work . I have tried plugging the Cerbo into a spare laptop HDMI to HDMI but i didn't see anything to suggest that laptop had any input from anywhere .

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Cerbo GX HDMI power-save

I have a Cerbo GX connected to an Elecrow 5" HDMI Touchscreen Monitor through an HDMI switch which allows the display output to be switched between the GX and a couple of other systems.

The whole thing works pretty well except in this one respect.

I am able to configure the two non-VenusOS systems to power down the display a short time after user interaction dries up and power up again when the sleeping display is touched.

I have been wondering how to achieve this behaviour under VenusOS. I'm not even sure if this type of screen saving is implemented for the GX Touch 50 - I haven't played with one and the manual doesn't say - if it is then some digging might reveal a solution.

Any ideas or confirmation of GX Touch 50 behaviour would be much appreciated.

Paul Reeve asked

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