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Additional data to online MQTT server

I have been playing with the local and online MQTT victron servers and it has been a very smooth process until now. All the data shows up perfectly on grafana with the server running on a computer in a different location.
I am trying to install additional sensors to get more data from my boat online using venus's broker (like indoor temperature, air quality etc). I can succesfully publish data in the local broker which then shows up on the online broker. However I am not able to subscribe/locate that data or topics in the remote grafana setup.
The first image shows MQTT feed from victron broker showing the data from my sensor but in the second image I cannot locate it on grafana.
Is influxDB only subscribing to hardcoded dbus topics, or do I need to refresh the database in some way? Or is the format I am publishing in is not accepted by influxdb? Any help will be appreciated.


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