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BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 yellow LED blinking 7 times

Yesterday evening the battery minus connection to the BlueSolar MPPT was interrupted and I noticed that only at dawn, when the device didn't start charging. The yellow LED was blinking repeatedly 7 tmes in a row then a pause of one second with the green LED being constantly on and I thought it was because of the missing battery connection. Yet after resolving the problem and a factory reset with loading the settings from a file created before the reset afterwards the LED pattern is the same as described above. The device is otherwise working properly and doesn't report any errors, neither in the VictronConnect app nor in the remote console. The firmware is reported as up to date. So my questions are

1) what does that blinking pattern mean,

2) how to resolve the issue and

3) why aren't such LED error codes not documented anywhere?

PS: Even though the issue was with some specific hardware and I have a dealer what chance did I have to get support on a Sunday morning? I had to solve the problem immediately to avoid a blackout. Thus having the information concerning the blink codes somewhere on the website or all the codes in the app would be a bright idea IMHO.

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Solved! The short answer: this is not one blinking code but two interfering. The first one is the documented fast blinking of the bulk charging phase The second one probably is a spillover from SmartSolar or maybe larger BlueSolar models which have three LEDs with the additional blue LED acting as a Bulk LED and there is a footnote in the manual stating: "The LED(s) might blink every 4 seconds indicating that the charger is receiving data from another device, this can be a GX device (ESS) or a VE.Smart Network link via Bluetooth".

In practice the yellow (bulk) LED of the BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 repeatedly switches off for half a second after 3.5 s and with the LED blinking regularly at half a second intervals when bulk charging, it appears as a sequence of 7 pulses.

What is wrong

  1. The online manual says there were three LEDs on the MPPT which isn't true with the 75/15 and albeit still being sold as new the device apparently is so obsolete even Victron doesn't know it anymore.
  2. The (talkingly named) Chinese Whispers game Victron enforces on the end user seeking for help just raises the bar to get no support from the company.

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