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High Current Charging with 2 x Multiplus II in Parallel, ET112 and ESS during Offpeak Rate


I'm just about to place an order for 2 x Multiplus II 48v/5000w, 1 x ET112 meter and 1 x Cerbo GX and just need to make sure this is all going to work as planned.

I've been looking through the documentation and forums for several months. From what I've read it looks like it should work but I just wanted to double check / get some assurance that I've not missed something.

I have a cheap overnight rate on Octopus Go, 7.5p/kWh as opposed to 35.05p/kWh during the daytime. We've programmed out Air Source Heat Pump to charge during the cheaper rate and during an excess solar production from the 4kw SMA Sunny Boy.

I want to be able to charge 2 sets of 48v 280Ah LifePo4 Batteries connected in parallel at the terminals only (not between each cell) and managed by a couple of Batrium Cellmate K9's to keep them balanced.

As my cheap rate window is only 4 hours and my safe battery capacity (80%) I'm limited in how many kWh I can put back in the batteries during those 4 hours - 13.44kWh per charger, hence 2 chargers. (2 x 70A)


Will the above setup in ESS mode, allow all the loads in the house to be powered by the Multiplus's and Sunnyboy whilst not exporting anything to the grid, and then charge the batteries back to 90% on the cheap rate electricity ?

or would I be better of with a Quattro 10kw which can charge at 140A native ?

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Octopus Agile API Support by Victron For Controlling Charging Off Peak Times

Thank you so much for the very informative webinar on 23/11/22.

Octopus Energy in the UK is disrupting the energy industry for good and their Kraken platform is in many countries bought by suppliers and growing.

Will Victron please look at integration with Octopus Kraken API to allow us to auto set charging times when energy prices are low and export when high?

“Works with Octopus” is a standard attained by many ESS systems and it would be great if Victron would look at putting this on their roadmap.

NodeRed and some technical challenges aren’t for all of us and I believe it would help in adoption of Victron into many domestic installations where people just aren’t getting the quality and support from certain other brands.

Standards to help home storage and EV take-up are so very crucial to environmental gains and the rapid change needed to combat climate change.

Many thanks for your great work. New Solar ESS Victron User in the UK, Installed by Callidus, another great cutting edge supplier and supporter of Victron.

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GX won't let me change position of PV Inverter energy meter and freezes when I try harder

OctoGX with two EM24 3p energy meters each connected via USB<->RS485. Octo Firmware updates to 2.89

The energy meters are installed as follows:


The PV Inverter is on the AC-IN side. Now the problem is, that the (upper in the picture) EM24 energy meter that measures the PV Inverter output is set to AC-IN2 which leads to the Generator showing the power that comes from the PV Inverter as negative power.

Unfortunately I can't even show the VRM screenshot, because it's easypeasy to crash VenusOS - and the whole GX device - by playing around with changing energy meters positions and roles. And when you remove "disconnected devices" the GX freezes.

It seems to still be able to send data to the VRM portal, but I can't connect to the remote console anymore.

After reset and rectifying as best as I know:


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