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GX won't let me change position of PV Inverter energy meter and freezes when I try harder

OctoGX with two EM24 3p energy meters each connected via USB<->RS485. Octo Firmware updates to 2.89

The energy meters are installed as follows:


The PV Inverter is on the AC-IN side. Now the problem is, that the (upper in the picture) EM24 energy meter that measures the PV Inverter output is set to AC-IN2 which leads to the Generator showing the power that comes from the PV Inverter as negative power.

Unfortunately I can't even show the VRM screenshot, because it's easypeasy to crash VenusOS - and the whole GX device - by playing around with changing energy meters positions and roles. And when you remove "disconnected devices" the GX freezes.

It seems to still be able to send data to the VRM portal, but I can't connect to the remote console anymore.

After reset and rectifying as best as I know:


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It should work properly if you wire the AC PV inverter energy meter to the Load side of the grid meter.


That is basically how mine is setup and this is how it presents in VRM;


Wiring something outside the grid meter is just going to confuse the system, because it is intended to be the 'last' element from which other values are calculated (based on the Multi's AC input measurement, and the other energy meter data).

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