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Can someone supply me log file data for electrical consumption on yachts

I am trying to find some energy use log files with at minimum hourly data. I do not need charge data but usage for a 35 -55 foot yacht, with people on board. Liveaboard, or cruizing is fine.

Data will be used in modeling software and will be completely anonymous.

andycass asked
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Lithium batteries and saltwater?

I hear lithium batteries immediately die (or worse) when immersed in saltwater. Torqeedo and others produce an IP 67 or 68 battery. Why aren’t there any group 31 lithium’s that are waterproof?

Skiffs have to come ashore through the surf. Occasionally the skiff broaches and fills with water. What happens to a lithium battery in a vented battery box? Does this mean lithium electric mother ship tenders must never be pooped or rolled? Why no IP rated GROUP 31 BATTERY BOXES?

mosslandingcreatures asked
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Solar Plants - Liquidation

Just found out that Solar Plants went into liquidation just before Christmas and they are no longer trading.

Im fuming given that they are half way through my installation and I’m currently significantly out of pocket. I believe a company called Climate Save Renewables is taking over the Solar Plants business.

Is anyone else in the same boat or have any information?

john-b asked
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