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Inconsistent consumption by Phoenix Inverter

My problem seems related to , but I did not find any solution in there.

My off-grid system contains:
- 100Ah 12V SuperPack
- SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 with 2 x 400W panels (14A Isc, 40V Uoc, I know it's oversized but I will soon move this to 24V system with more powerful inverter and 24V 200Ah LFP)
- SmartShunt 500A/50mV
- Phoenix Inverter 12/500
- Cerbo S-GX having those three above connected via short (< 1m) VE.Direct cables

All those devices are running latest available firmwares:
1693936270410.pngThe only DC consumer on the bus is the inverter. Real usage measured on the inverter output by the external Finder 7M. meter is between 25-30 VA (around 20 W), but Inverter shows it at 17 W (and it's inconsistent, because VictronConnect app shows 17 VA, which seems definitely incorrect).

But, the DC system power includes the power consumed by the inverter (and the DC power itself seems real, but I thought the idea of "Has DC system" is to account currents of unknown origin, not everything):
What can I do to get those values a bit more meaningful? It seems those inverters just can't calculate and report their DC consumption properly, as even AC load calculation is off.

VRMPhoenix Inverteroffgriddc system
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