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Pheonix Inverter Statistics

Hi there,

I have a Phoenix 24/500 inverter. I am using it with the venus firmware on a raspberry pi. I also have a SmartSolar 100/20 and a BMV 712.

In the VRM Portal, the statistics for the inverter are incorrect... It correctly shows the voltage operating at 230v, but the current hovers between 0 and -0.4 amps... they never seem to reach into the positive...

On the venus device, the stats also show 230v, 0 amps, 0 watts... occasionally the watts will flick to 25 or 50w, but only very briefly.

I know I am drawing about 150w through it (according to the BMV-712)

I read a post that was around 9 months old, saying that the stats for inverters over was still in development. Is this still the case? It's curious that I get the correct voltage, but not the correct current...

I also seem unable to adjust all the settings for the Phoenix on the Venus interface... for example, adjusting the low voltage shutdown. Is this expected?

Many thanks! :-D

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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

Hi Samatch,

The power reading on the inverters is not very accurate. Unfortunately this is the way that it is. There was a previous post about it here. This is a hardware limitation.

For now, adjusting the other parameters (eg low voltage shutdown) from their defaults requires VictronConnect, and a to bluetooth adapter, or to USB adaptor depending on your device.

The power reading from your BMV should provide a very accurate figure for what is being transacted from the batteries. Though it will not be inclusive of the solar, it is possible to get a good idea of the overall flow of the system if all devices are connected to the GX device.

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Hey Guy,

Thanks for responding, much appreciated.

Disappointing that the statistics are not available / accurate. I'm curious as to what the limitation here is? Is it just a question of Victron not having included an appropriate measuring device on the outbound AC or something? Seems a shame for an inverter that I didn't think was at the cheaper end of the market...

At the moment I can see the DC load stats through the GX device (raspberry pi Venus), which also includes the inverter. Ultimately I'm just playing around with this equipment, it was a nice have to have. A shame I can't have it! :-)

- Matthew

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