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CerboGX v2.86 Bluetooth Issues

Updated from v2.84 today to v2.86 and lost all Ruuvi sensors. Rolling back doesn't restore them. Cannot add new Ruuvi sensors either as they are not "seen" by the Cerbo.

It seems that bluetooth not working on this version, and slightly worrying that rolling back doesn't fix the problem. I notice multiple other posts from users reporting similar issues when updating.

If there is not an update planned to fix this soon could someone explain what I need to do to reset the bluetooth adaptor (perhaps using command line)? Thanks

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pwfarnell answered ·

Report this in the modifications section on the V2.86 topic.

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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

Hi @Miles Carter,

Are you using the built in bluetooth, or an external USB bluetooth dongle?

The built in bluetooth is not supported for Ruuvi sensors as it is disabled due to temperature - so is only suitable for the initial commission setting the networking configuration - there is more detail in the Cerbo GX manual here -

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Miles Carter avatar image Miles Carter commented ·

Hi Guy, thanks for your answer. I think there is a bigger issue here than you describe as after the firmware update the bluetooth light on the Cerbo GX is permanently "off" even though the bluetooth is turned "on" in the software (see attached photo). I also cannot "see" the Cerbo using the bluetooth connection on my phone.

Yes, I was using Ruuvi tags before the firmware update and they all worked perfectly until I did the update. The tags are located within 2-3 metres of the Cerbo GX and there was never a connection issue before the update. I do accept your comment, however, that the bluetooth in the Cerbo is not designed for Ruuvi tags.

I did eventually manage to resolve this by rebooting the Cerbo GX about 5 times, and on the 5th attempt the bluetooth light came on again and I can now connect to it via Bluetooth and the Ruuvi tags work again. What was worrying was that it took 5 reboots AFTER rolling back the firmware to 2.84 to get it working.

Whilst I love the regular firmware updates, I think there's a real risk of Victron having a lot of in-warranty Cerbo GX claim requests if firmware is released that causes major issues like this that are not acknowledged. Reading through the forums it is clear that many other users have experienced exactly the same issue that I have, and almost all of the answers state the user should buy a bluetooth dongle to resolve the problem. This cannot be correct as the firmware update caused the bluetooth to shutdown completely for all devices (at least this is what happened in my case).


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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) avatar image Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ Miles Carter commented ·

Hi @Miles Carter,

The issue is that the built in bluetooth adapter is not reliable when using the Ruuvi tags. Not that it doesn't work at all, or sometimes, but that it is not reliably working.

The reliably working solution is to use an external dongle, that is why it is always the first suggestion when people are having issues, and in all cases I have seen so far, the permanent solution.

Trying to use the built-in bluetooth adapter can appear like it is working. But it is only periodically. Then when it stops working at some point (as it most likely will), then instead of accepting that the unit is not being used as specified and using the known working configuration, there are requests and reports about it only working with some firmware versions, working after reboots, working with some Ruuvi's but not others, working on cold days, working on cloudy days, only working at certain times of day or certain months of the year, etc etc.

The known issue is that when the internal bluetooth chip exceeds 53 degrees Celsius (which is it not possible to observe or monitor) then it will drop the connection (or not allow one to initiate in the first place).

There are LOTS of things that can cause the chip to heat up (such as a firmware update which is CPU intensive), and lots of things that can cause the chip to cool down again, such as a cloud going over, or some fresh air, or some time doing nothing at all.

Knowing of that issue, Victron isn't going to investigate issues with Ruuvi's not working reliably unless they are following the instructions in the manual that it requires an external USB dongle.

The issue you mention of no direct bluetooth connection via VictronConnect will also co-present. However given the VERY limited application of that, basically all it can do is allow for a convenient initial configuration of the Cerbo GX's networking settings - this is rarely a problem. That usually happens when the Cerbo is first powered on (cool), before the Cerbo is fully commissioned (low CPU load), and usually only required for a minute and then done (the chip itself doesn't heat up like when being used continuously).

We wish of course that it all just worked with the internal bluetooth, much easier for everyone, but unfortunately to use the Ruuvi it requires these adapters, which thankfully are very cheap and simple.

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rubicon avatar image rubicon Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ commented ·

When an external Bluetooth adapter is used, do you need to disable the Bluetooth setting on the touch screen or just leave all the settings the same - enabled?

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Miles Carter avatar image Miles Carter Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ commented ·
Hi Guy, thanks for your detailed answer - it's helpful to understand this in more detail. If my Ruuvi tags stop working again I'll go ahead and purchase an external bluetooth dongle.
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Russell Brown avatar image Russell Brown commented ·
My Ruuvi sensors worked fine on the internal Bluetooth. However, once I got past about 10 sensors, including bluetooth water and gas tank sensors, then I started to see a few sensors drop in and out of connection. had to start using an external bluetooth adaptor.
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