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VRM doesn't show voltage if Multiplus is off.

The Multiplus is connected to the Cerbo via VE bus utp. The BMV712 Smart is connected to the Cerbo via VE-direct. BMV712 is connected with the householdbattery and also via the auxiliaryport with the vehicle-batteries.

On the advanced tab of VRM i can see both voltages all the time and also on the dashboard but i can only see the voltage of the householdbattery in the box below when the multiplus is on. If the multiplus is off the box is blank. The question is what connection or setting do i have to make to see the householdvoltage all the time in the box below on the dashboard?vrm-mp-off.png

BMV Battery MonitorVRMcerbo gxmultiplus ve.bus
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Which device do you have set up as the system battery monitor?
Maybe you have MultiPlus set as your battery monitor instead of BMV-712?

Check: Settings -> System Setup -> Battery Monitor


Also remember that those boxes are to show two or more batteries, so if one has gone away because the battery monitor of the MultiPlus is off when it is off, then there is no use for the boxes because the information shows in the maon box on the left which shows battery %

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Yes The BMV is the battery monitor. I had the Multiplus also as monitor in veconfigure. I just removed it there but with no change. When i stopped the Multiplus the box went blank immediately.

Also what are your settings in Settings -> System Setup -> Battery Measurements


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All visible.


Maybe it is because of the simular names i gave to the bmv and the multi. I will rename the multiplus. And i've noticed that there ain't a switch on BMV-712 Smart.


I changed the name of the batterybank connected to the multiplus and it looks like the blank box is connected to the multiplus only and therefor it is only visible when the multiplus is on. Sounds logical. But there ain't a box on the dashboard of the bank connected to the BMV712 Household battery. Maybe the auxiliaryport is overruling in the first box?

When i switch off visibility of the BMV Auxiliary port the result is the picture.battery-measurements-switched-off-bmv-auxiliary.png

Same here, although I have mine set up for temperature sensor.
It's a head scratcher now.


In fact i cannot hide the BMV712 Smart because there is no switch but it is not visible although the voltages on the advanced tab and the dashboard are correct.