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HEADS UP: venus 2.80 will switch to python3

Venus v2.80 will (from v2.80~3 to be exact) switch to python3 and will then no longer provide python2. So for people running their own python code, either disable automatic updates or make the code work with python3.

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Mike Dorsett avatar image Mike Dorsett commented ·

Thanks Jeroen, this will be good as there are major changes between Python2.7 and 3.8 - Having to re-code python for 2.7 from 3 was a pain...

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jeroen avatar image jeroen ♦ Mike Dorsett commented ·

That is not what this message is about, you could install python3 already, iow opkg install python3-core python3-... This is a warning that python2 will be gone completely and python3 will be installed by default instead.

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Mike Dorsett avatar image Mike Dorsett jeroen ♦ commented ·

Sorry, yes, but this is good news though.

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