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Multiple CerboGX Temperature Sensors and DVCC Question

I installed a temperature sensor on each battery in my boat house bank (4 sensors in total) and connected them to the temperature sensor inputs on CerboGX. Is there a way to make CerboGX report to DVCC the temperature of the HOTTEST sensor in this group for temperature compensation while charging? The reason behind this question: I am on a third set of Victron SuperCycle 170Ah batteries which randomly go into thermal runaway with no rhyme or reason. The installation was double-checked by two different Victron installers, the firmware is up to date, the settings on all devices triple triple-checked, and there is never overvoltage when charging according to the logs. Meanwhile, randomly while in absorption one of the batteries starts consuming increasingly more power, heats up, etc. After the battery cools down it might go through multiple charging cycles with no issues and then another battery exhibits the same behavior. And then another one. There is currently no way to give Multiplus an early warning since if the temperature sensor selected as active in DVCC is on the terminal of a nearby battery the overheating battery continues to heat up until it heats the battery with the active sensor at which point the damage has already been done.

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You should look into Node Red as this may be able to do this sort of discrimination. Raise the topic in the Node Red forum space, reached from the menu.
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What is "Node Red"?

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See victron documentation for a description

Or an introduction on Victron's Youtube channel

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If you are using VRM. You can have them all show on the dashboard.

In advanced have a custom graph with all the data in one.

Then in VRM create an alarm for temperatures.

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I already did all that. They show in VRM, I created a custom widget with graphs and alarms. This is not my question, though. I want Cerbo to let me designate temp sensors installed on the batteries in the bank as belonging to one group (or just treat all temp sensors tagged as "Battery" connected to Cerbo as a group) and dynamically auto-select the currently HOTTEST sensor for DVCC temperature reporting to be used for temperature compensation and to abort the charging process as necessary. I understand that everyone now is focused on lithium batteries but there are many more current installations in boats and RV's with lead-acid batteries and most of them have banks with more than 1 battery in parallel. Also, when in DVCC setup and "Auto" is selected as the temperature source what is the current Victron algorithm for selecting one, and how often is it selected? Is it once on Cerbo boot up or is it on a time interval basis?
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Would be interesting to know.

I guess you could tell in the graphing by comparing data. I haven't looked at that to be honest, max temps sensor on amlead acid for me has always been 2.

Yeah there are still some places where lithium is not an option. Generally in a lithium bank, the hottest or coldest auto selects but that is a self managed thing.

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