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CamperVan setup help


Currently I am working on a simple setup for a camper. I would like to ask you to check if this setup is correct or if I still need to adjust something here.

For now I only want to use shore power to charge the battery and in the future I want to expand this with solar panels.

I do not intend to connect this setup to the alternator for the time being.

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Lithium BatterychargerPhoenix Invertercampervanschematics
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Your charger should connect to the LOAD side of the shunt. The shunt needs to see all current in and out of the battery to properly calculate state of charge. The way you have drawn it, the shunt won't see the charging current so SOC would never go up.

Fuses generally protect the WIRING against shorts so you need to identify the source of unlimited current should a short occur. In this system, the charger is current limited so the battery is the source of fault current. Place fuses near the battery to protect the wiring leading away from it. So the 30 amp fuse in the output of the charger isn't necessary, but one in the lead from the battery to the battery protect is unprotected. Put the 30 amp fuse there instead.

Unless you have plans to expand your battery bank in the future, you might consider other battery alternatives to reduce costs. One with a bulit-in BMS would eliminate the external BMS and battery protect.

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Hi Kevin,

Thank you very much for your answer. I have indeed made a mistake in the drawing with the negative connection to the battery, it must first go through the shunt and then to the battery.

I saw the 30 amp fuse in a Victron accessory for this charger. That's why I included this one. In response to your comment, I think it would indeed be better to place it between the Battery Protect and the battery.

I have already purchased the charger, battery and inverter. I am now mainly looking at the additional components.

In addition, I have also been in contact with Victron and they indicate that without external BMS there is no warranty on the battery.

I made some adjustments in the schematic.

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victron-v2.png (393.1 KiB)
Kevin Windrem avatar image Kevin Windrem lempke commented ·

Looks good.

Yes, with that battery an external BMS is required. There are other "drop-in" LFPs that have an internal BMS. But that's water under the bridge for your project.

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Is there anybody else who can verify this setup?

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