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Configuring Multiplus with Pylontech Batteries (Possible with just CerboGX and Touch 50)?

I have a solar kit I bought recently with a Multiplus 48/5000/70 and a SmartSolar 250/100. The system has a CerboGX and Touch 50. The battery bank is 4 Pylontech US3000.

I was reading the Victron-Pylontech compatibility article, and just watched a webinar on the topic, but I'm still unclear.

To make sure all my Victron components are configured properly according to what the batteries need, can I just use the VictronConnect app via my smartphone? Does this operate via some sort of bluetooth connection internal to the CerboGX?

Or do I need to buy the Smart Dongle or MK3 USB separately?

Doesn't the CerboGX and Touch50 replace the need for the VictronConnect app or at least replace the need for the SmartDongle/MK3-USB?

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Yes you can configure the CerboGX using the VictronConnect App. The Cerbo (by default) has it's own Wifi accesspoint to which you can connect. After that you can use the VictronConnect App to configure the device and eg. let it connect to your own WiFi network.

The Touch50 replaces the need for the VictronConnect App. The CerboGX is the heart of your system, it can't be replaced with just the app.

Once your CerboGX is connected to Internet (using WiFi or Ethernet) you can use Victron VRM ( to connect to your CerboGX over the Internet. From there you can also use Remote VE.Configure, which eliminates the need of the MK3-USB dongle. However, Remote VE.Configure has it's limits.

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Thanks. This topic is waay too confusing. Doesn't Victron have a FAQ page on this topic?

The Touch50 replaces the need for the VictronConnect app? Are you sure? I thought the Touch50 was just for monitoring system status, not for changing parameters.

So, how do I modify the Multiplus to ensure that the voltage parameters e.g. float voltage is set to 51V? So the Victron Connect App on my smartphone modifies the CerboGX, which modifies the float voltage parameter of the Multiplus?

Here's the equipment I have: One smartphone with 4G internet plan, hotspot capability, bluetooth capability.

My distributor said that if I want to change float voltage I can do that via my smartphone using the VictronConnect app, and if I want to change the output frequency from 50Hz to 60Hz, then I can do that too, but it needs to be done with VRM. Is VRM compatible with a smartphone?

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For fully programming the system you need an mk3 to usb, download a copy of ve configure.

The other option is to connect to vrm and remote configure over the internet. It is similar to the direct connection you can premake a configuration in a demo mode and then upload it when ready.

You can program with victron connect (i like to use this one when updating using the mk3 adaptor, it makes the job easier). It is limited though.

Again if you download victron connect there is a demo mode so you can explore the idea without having the product connected or be worries about messing things up.

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