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BMV-712 V.E bus connection to CCGX


I have a CCGX that somehow isn't able to connect the BMV-712.

The V.E bus cable between BMV-712 and CCGX is 0,3m with one side right angle.

BMV-712 has a 10~15m UTP cable to shunt.

CCGX has a 10~15m UTP cable to the Multiplus 12/3000/120-50.

Connection between CCGX and multiplus is OK.

Connection between BMV-712 and shunt is OK.

When i press the "REDETECT" on the system setup on CCGX, it seem to find the BMV-712, but it doesn't connect it.

On the CCGX battery monitor page the BMV-712 information "flicker" on the measurements about every 10sec.

I haven't yet connected the CCGX to internetrouter.

What's the possible reason that the BMV-712 cannot connect to CCGX?

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