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VictronConnect & Venus GX: Integration Request


I just purchased a Venus GX in order to remote control my solar installation. I use:

mppt 10/30 (not the smart version)
BMW 700 (not the smart version)
Multiplus 1600/70

This is now great to have a control when I'm not home (not living at the same place)

I'm just wondering: why there isn't a possibility using the VictronConnect App as I did before (using the bluetooth dongle)? It's so much more friendly than the Remote Console proposed inside the VRM system. Additionally, it appears that not all parameter are accessible through VRM.

As I don't have the smart version of mmpt, nor BMW700, I must switch cables if I want to adjust some parameter.

Maybe this could be a future version of the app?

Thank you anyway


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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

Hi @Denis.70,

UPDATE - this feature is now available to all, more information here -

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denis70 avatar image denis70 commented ·

Hi Guy,

thank you for your answer, that's great.

It will allow the same control of every item as I had through bluetooth but using VRM, correct? (I was about to consider change for the future Cerbo that will be sold next month if it doesn't work)

Many thanks for your work


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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) avatar image Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ denis70 commented ·

It is still being tested, so I cannot say for sure what works and what does not.

But yes, the intention is as if you were standing next to it with bluetooth, via VRM.

The Cerbo GX will not have any advantage beyond the rest of the GX product range in this specific regard.

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denis70 avatar image denis70 Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ commented ·

Ok thank you for the info (fantastic!)

Just to be sure: Cerbo will not give the opportunity accessing all single device through bluetooth and using VictronConnect (local vs VRM)?


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Warwick Bruce Chapman avatar image Warwick Bruce Chapman commented ·

Guy, I think there is a bug :

One of the sites that is shared with me does not have full control and in VRM I do not have a link to “Remote Console” and thus cannot see the Venus Console.

But in the beta of VictronConnect, I am able to attempt to connect to the Venus device but it doesn’t get past 40%.

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denis70 avatar image denis70 Warwick Bruce Chapman commented ·

Got the solution:

Once mqtt is enabled on the Venus, VictronConnect finds the sytsem. That's actually absolutely great, though only Ve.Direct connections are recognized so far (I don't see the Multiplus plugged using Ve.Bus).


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pau1phi11ips avatar image pau1phi11ips commented ·

Damn, just returned a BMV 702 and bought a BMV 712 because it was such a pain to have to unplug it from the GX and into to the laptop in order to change anything.

It would have stuck with the 702 if I'd known you were working on this. Tried the beta on Android and it's working well. Great work Victron.

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jcarnouil avatar image jcarnouil commented ·

Hello Guy !

The connection to VE-Direct peripherals works great ! I was near to buy a VE-Direct to USB adapter and was thinking myself "It would be cool if my Venus GX could to the bridge between VictronConnect and VE-Direct items" .. and you made it !

Thanks a lot for your great products and support.
Victron is my reference company !

Best regards
- Jean-Claude (France)

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