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New install settings Victron Quattro and Victron lithium smart rv installtion

Hi. I have installed a system in my RV and tomorrow will be the big switch on :-)

its only a simple one for you technical wizzards and whizzetts

I am great at following instructions , diagrams but not so hot on anything that requires programming so i am hoping for some help setting the correct charging parameters for the Batteries.

My main concern is storing the batteries when not in use as they are likely to be fully charged after driving back from trips and the possible detrimental effect of storing at 100%

Also when in storage there is a little 12v used all the time as i run cctv on the vehicle etc so turning off the battery at the switch in storage is not going to work.

I can set a timer on the shore power to allow it a daily or weekly set charge to keepthe battery within ideal parametres. or even keep a manual check on soc and switch on the shore power as req.? I would be interested to know if i can just set the float at a lower voltage to keep the batt below 80% for longevity and just charge them higher to re-set the BMV 712?

I need some setting guidence really as this is all new to me :-)

I,m really sorry for the length of my question but i hope i have wrote it in such a form its easy to write answers to my questions.

The System basically is as follows,

2 x 150 amp smart lithium battery

BMS / Victron BMV 712 connected via VE direct cable to the CCGX and fitted with batt temp sensor

CCGX with Ethernet connection to a mobile sim modem / gen set start on the remote connections ( yet to be fitted )

Victron Quattro with inputs of 30a genset on AC1 and 30A shore power on A.C2 , trickle charge to Engine battery. temp sensor connected.

Victron BMS

VIctron smart Orion D.C. to D.C. 360W charger from engine battery to house battery ( set on auto-detection for engine running)

No Solar.

So i will number my questions hopefully that makes it easier for you to give answers. maybe you can just copy and paste it with any answers wrote below the number?

1. CCGX / QUATTRO. I intend to set up a VRM account. Is this where i can change all my parameters remotly via the web and direct to the quattro without using the dip switches on the quattro? or do i need a different piece of equipment? or does the CCGX allow access?

2. Quattro charging settings. My batteries spec say they can be charged up to 150amps but recommend 75amps.. The quattro has a 220amp charger. Should i set the charging current to 25% lowest setting or is 50% ( default i believe is 75% )

3.a Charging voltages. there are no printed dip switch settings for lithium in the manual ( page 18 ( 5.5.2 step 2 ) Lowest DIP setting voltage is for victron gels ( ab 14.1 / flaot 13.8 / store 13.2 ) do i use that setting for lithium if using dip switch ( to get me up and running if i cant adjust any other way )

3.b. what settings would you recommend if i can adjust them more using the computer software for my usage. if it keeps them below 80% i,m still happy

3.c What is the fastest way to adjust these setting if i were on a long trip and wanted to put my batteries to 100% charge to utilise all the available storage and what should i set them too.

4. BMV 712 what settings should be adjusted to make it read correctly other than the supplied factory settings. for 3a , 3b and 3c. I really have no idea whats available here but prob settings..

charged voltage

tail current

charged detection time peukert ? 1.05?

charge effieciency factor

current threshold

5. Orion Smart D.C. charger. is there anything i need to re-configure on this on the output? it has pe defined programs or you can set your own. My only concern was the engine battery trickle charger could fool the smart orion into thinking the engine was running ( i assume it wouldnt though as the alternator runs to 14.2v?

i am thinking that when i set off on a new trip the orion-smart could deliver the lithiums full 100% charge to 're-set the BMV712 as it would them allways read correct when i start a trip even if the quattros charging is set to a lower level?

6. smart batteries , shall i just leave them at there preset? miniumum charge temp 5 degrees etc etc?

That is all i promise unless you can give me any more advice on setting i havent wrote but an likely to encounter

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2 Answers
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Matthias Lange - DE answered ·

1. Via VRM you can use "Remote VeConfigure" to download the settings of the Quattro, change them with VEconfig and upload them back to the Quattro.
But to make firmware updates or to change the settings without an internet connection you will need a MK3-Interface.

2. For your two batteries you can set the curren to up to 150A but I think I would set it to 100A.

3. You have to use VEconfig to select the lithium charging profile.

5. With the VictronConnect app you can make all setting you need(lithium charging profile)
Since you have lithium batteries you have to connect the "remote on/off" terminal of the Orion with the "charge disconnect" output of the BMS.
To prevent the Orion to start charging because of the trickle charge from the Quattro you have to use the D+ signal from you car instead of the automatic.
With the D+ signal you have to engage a relay that is in line with the "charge disconnect" signal of the BMS.

6. Yes, leave the settings as they are.

Greetings from Germany and happy holidays.

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jaywolfe answered ·

Thank you mr Lange,

This is pretty much what I managed to set - up.

I found it difficult to find out I needed to download an assistant to add the ve bms but once I had found this out using the vrm and reconfigure it was easy.

I had to roll back an update on the ccgx to make the dvcc settings work to limit the quattro charge current. As the quattro has an available update

Is there any advantage to updating the quattro or should I keep everything as it is.

I will wire in the smart Orion relay soon as I didnt do this. Although the trickle charge hasn't,t shown so far.

Maybe I havent activated it yet

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