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BMV-700 important

Should I use the BMV-700 device in my system that contains 3 quatrros, 4 charge controllers, CCGX?? or is it ok NOT to use the BMV-700 ?

BMV Battery MonitorCCGX Color Control
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I would use a BMV for sure. The Quattro's cannot count energy coming from the charge controllers.

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However, I read in the CCGX manual the following

"If the systems consists of an inverter/charger, MPPTs and a GX device, then there is still no need to add a dedicated battery monitor. "

my system has the same conditions as mentioned. consists of inverter/charger, mppts and a GX device

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Sure, but all battery energy will be enumerated from seven different soures.
On a system of the size that you propse, it would make all the sense to have a single source of absolute measurements for the system.
With all of that equipment, tha addition of a BMV would be a minimal additional expense for much more gain overall.

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Stephen Otto avatar image Stephen Otto mohsen-alserri commented ·

Get the BMV. You won’t regret it. If you are using lithium, you should get the 712. I bought the 702, thinking that I really didn’t need BT access because I had the Venus. However, I was unaware that the 712 draws less power, which can be important in a lithium system that reaches a low SOC prior to a charging opportunity. It’s also much easier to configure for a custom lithium set up, since you can simply use the smartphone app.

I think the instructions you are seeing are saying that the Venus device makes it possible to use the SOC measured by another device on the system, say the MPPT, and read that SOC on the VRM portal. However, the SOC measurements coming from one of these other devices on the system will not be nearly as accurate as a BMV device.

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