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Request for Enhancement to the VRM dashboard - internal consumption

The internal power consumption is not visible on the VRM dashboard on the internet. That have become very obvious to me when the days now are geting shorter and darker up here in Sweden.

I have a 48V/3000W Easy solar and apparently that unit has a constant internal power consumption of 0.70A or 0.8 kWh/day, but that isn't shown in the graphics. I think it should, because the idea with the graph must have been to compare production with consumption? Now my batteries are heavily discharged without that being displayed. I made a modification to the last day in the picture below to show how i think the true consumption should de displayed.

(Is this the proper channel for an enhancement request/suggestion like this?)

VRMEasySolar All-in-One
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Hej Torparn. It's ok to post it here, but if it disappears, look in the 'Modifications Space'.

Your lost energy is likely not in the Easy, but largely your battery round-trip losses. And your system doesn't really measure either, so it's hard to report with 'vague' data.

And if you're relying on monitoring via SOC, and that SOC is coming from the Easy (rather than a BMV), then 'vague' takes on a new meaning. Helps to have a basic sync when running a genny regularly, but if not, then SOC (and any data derived from it) becomes distracting rather than useful.

All that doom'n'gloom said, there may well be better ways of showing some of this stuff on VRM. I sometimes wonder why solar input is treated differently to genny/shore input, and maybe could be improved.

Teun & his VRM team are very receptive to suggestions offered in good faith. But some of this stuff doesn't come simply..

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