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EasySolar II GX

I have an issue with an install of the EasySolar II.

My plan was to utilise as much of the solar to both charge the batteries and invert to the loads, with the grid connected also to suppliment excessive loads, if the batteries got too low draw additional power from the grid to topthem up and in the off chance there were excess, then export it to the grid.

The system comprises of the following components;

EasySolar-II GX 48|3000|35, SmartShunt 500A, 48V360Ah Lithium Ion Battery Bank

I have the grid on ACin1, Loads on ACout1 and solar panels solar in.

I enabled grid for Australia without external neutral, installed the ESS assistant and configured it. Whenever the grid is connected, the EasySolar only charges the batteries and runs the loads from the grid.

I left this running this afternoon thinking perhaps the EasySolar wanted to charge the batteries, not sure why considering the setting in it but never the less I thought id let it continue. At 10:30pm I notice that the power had dropped out all together.

Since this happened I have now removed the setting for Australian grid and the ESS assistant till I can work out whats wrong with the setup.

This has the EasySolar in bypass and is just charging the batteries.

Any help in sorting this out would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.



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Hi Nathan

There are a lot of settings and they hide if an few different places, so there’s a bit of a learning curve, but stick at it.

ESS may be set to keep the battery charged, which it will do from Grid - which is designed for those with sketchy grids. Not really an issue for us in Australia.

What batteries are you using?

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It sounds like ess is doing what is expected of it.

In the GX under ESS tell it to keep batteries charged and it will charge up on Grid.

The batteries will also be kept at a certain percentage if it is told to do so under the ESS menu in case of power cuts. Will charge up to that percentage on grid after a power cut and then use solar for the rest if battery life has been set.

There is this video to help you understand ess more

Or if you read this part of the ess manual it will help you to understand the modes more in the ESS menu.

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