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VRM additional shunt not visible

I have added additional smart shunt via ve-direct to cerbo to be able measure accurately charge current from additional charger. Shunt is configured as DC source and named as AC Charger. It is visible in VRM device list but not in dashboard or in the list of devices at Advanced page. So I can see status and history only through Cerbo but not via VRM.

Is there way to refresh VRM to get additional shunt data to shown in advaced page so I can export statistics?

All devices in the system have newest FW. VRM instance ID 48e7da89e12d


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Does anyone know how to get shunt details visible and/or lifted to the dashboard?

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On VRM advanced have you tried setting up a custom widget to see if this will graph data from the DC energy meter. I have no idea if this will work, it is a suggestion. I am interested as I have a SmartShunt ready to install as a DC energy meter.

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Also having this same issue. One SmartShunt monitoring the battery and another on output of my RV AC Charger/Converter. I’d like it to show in VRM as a charge source much like my mppt charger. But it doesn’t show anywhere. When my charger runs right now it shows the charge coming from DC Power when ideally that should just show what’s being consumed: difference between what’s coming from solar, the 2nd shunt, and the battery.

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