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How do I equalize CPZS Cynetic 1160Ah batteries with an EasySolar 48/5000/70-100 MPPT150/100 Color Control without an external ugly generator? Bluetooth Dongle? No Battery settings display.

Hi folks!

I've had this 48V system running for 4 months now and it works like a charm. It's beautiful to feel like you don't depend on anyone. But that's not true ;). I would hit the equalize button every month until one day I realized that it was not doing it. My setup is in the title plus 24 panels at 230W each mounted in series and parallel as to achieve 100V~130V @ 5 KWH, DC of course. I've tried different firmware versions for the CCGX and updated all devices from VRM. Called my supplier and they said that: This system comes with equalization off by default and that I needed to buy the bluetooth dongle to do this, otherwise I need to have an external generator ( yuck ), in order to activate the equalization. Keep in mind that the "EasySolar" is worth 3,5K. OK. So I need this done NOW so I buy the bootooth wongle and when I head over to, settings/battery, nothing appears. I've tried with different phones and in some of them it detects the MPPT and CCGX and in others it only detects the CCGX, I don't know if that matters because the newer ohone detects the MPPT. I've worked very hard to make this system a reality in my life and I would greatly appreciate if someone with more knowledge that me could help me with this issue, since we all know that equalization is vital in keeping those babies in good health!

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I'm curious how you are connecting the Bluetooth wongle? I have a suspicion that you are connecting it to the back of the CCGX? I can see how that would make sense, but it is not correct. The reason I think this is because you are detecting the CCGX. Call me a fool if I'm wrong and then we can think of something else.
You need to disconnect the VE.Direct cable from the MPPT it's self and connect your Bluetooth wongle directly to the MPPT, make your configuration changes and then connect it all back how it was.
Let us know how you get on.

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Hi WKirby,

Thanks a lot for your reply. You are absolutely correct, the wongle doesn't function via the CCGX but instead it does through the MPPT itself. After following your instructions I was able to access the battery and the exact equalization settings that I needed. Thanks so much for your time and help!

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So I've equalized the batteries and I'm back to 100% charge which is awesome. However, I've noticed that after disconecting the "wongle", lol, and putting everything back together, I still can't equalize from the CCGX, only if I put the wongle back on it will do so. Again, I've tried different versions of firmware but it just won't do it. It would be a hassle to have to swithch devices every month just to equalize. Also, I can only see that equalization took place via the wongle but it is not displayed via VRM nor CCGX. Now, having 2 VE.Direct ports on the CCGX, I think that a reasonable approach would be to have the wongle and the MPPT linked to the CCGX and have a 3 way communication. Last but not least, different versions of CCGX firmware either display battery percentage via VRM or they don't. So I'm sticking with V1.8 since it's the only one that does.

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