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VictronConnect Settings for Lead Acid

I have just purchased a SmartSolar 100/20 for my 250watt panel and 4 Trojan T105 batteries (12 volt system, 400 amp hours).

I find the VictronConnect App a little confusing:

1. The "Charge voltages" settings within "Expert mode" show "Absorption voltage", "Float voltage" and Equalization voltage". Why is there no setting for Bulk voltage?

(My T105s need 14.8v. Surely I don't set the Absorption voltage to 14.8 do I?)

2. I would have thought that one of the pulldowns for "Battery preset" would be Lead Acid..... Instead I see things like AGM Spiral Cell, Gel Victron Long life, PzS Tubular plate traction(1), (2) and (3). Do I have to change the rotary dial to see the lead Acid option pulldown? Or do I have to go into a custom setting/expert mode to set something as common as a Lead Acid battery?

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Just a note on no.1: As far as I understand it, the bulk charge process is pushing in maximum current into the battery, and the voltage is held at the optimum level at any given moment. Usually you would see the voltage rising as the battery is charging during this process.
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Thanks for the response. So I guess I should assume that the voltage will stay below 14.8 during the bulk phase.
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bigbadbob76 answered ·

Yes, during Bulk phase the current stays constant until the voltage rises to the absorption voltage.

During absorption phase the voltage stays constant and the current drops to the tail current.

during float the voltage stays constant at a lower voltage than the absorption voltage and the current is very low.

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biff avatar image biff commented ·
Thanks for the explanation. Any idea why there isn't a lead acid setting for one of the pulldowns even though they have other obscure battery types listed?
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JohnC avatar image JohnC ♦ biff commented ·

Most of those 'obscure' types are lead acid. Gel(1) or Gel(2) would do. Just change the setpoints to what you want exactly and rename the new profile to (say) T105.

But don't go to 14.8V, that's too high. 14.4 with temp comp is plenty. They're very reactive batts and don't need high aggression.

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