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Multiplus 3000 Startup procedure

I have somehow managed to fry 3 multis.
I managed to get an appointment at a pro shop after waiting a couple months and I was told “probly a short somewhere”
I have pulled every wire inspecting for damage and re-verifying correct placement. My working theory at this point is that I had improperly wired a manual transfer switch (generator/shoreline AC input back to multi), and that it was for some reason sending reversed polarity back to the multis….. I don’t know why else the breakers never protect the multi. I have removed the transfer switch entirely, and I will be installing a EMS surge protector in the shore inlet before the multi.
Any feedback appreciated
Multi 1:
Lasted and worked for maybe 3 weeks. Fried while plugged into 30 amps at RV park and running AC
Multi 2:
Fried while testing. Running generator and attempting to start AC
Multi 3:
Fried before I ever turned it on. Plugged in to 15 amp shoreline


My plan now for a first start up of multi is the following:

1. Remove fuse from alternator charger, remove fuse from solar, remove fuse from DC distribution.

2. Start multi in charger only mode and get it set up on the victron connect app

3. Switch to invertor mode and test for 120V at AC distribution with all AC breakers off

4. Test each individual AC circuit one by one

5. Plug the shore power in last which will now come through an EMS surge protector

6. Add fuses back to the Lynx distributor one by one

Any other ideas welcome. Thank you

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After killing 3 MultiPlus I would recommend you to hire a professional Victron installer or at last a electrician to let him have a look at your installation.

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