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VictronConnect sees BMV712 but not SmartSolar MPPT

The system has worked flawlessly until this summer. Now the VictronConnect app on my iPhone 12 only sees my BMV712, not the SmartSolar. The SmartSolar appears to be functioning properly, just not visible via Bluetooth. I have powered the system down entirely, deleted and re-installed the app, restarted my phone, tried all sorts of stuff like that but no change. Please help. I need to monitor performance data.

MPPT - Solar Charge ControllerVictronConnect
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Try with another phone.

Is there any chance that you (or someone else) deactivated Bluetooth in your SmartSolar?

If this is the cause, you need to connect to the unit through the VE.Direct port to re-enable it.

It doesn't seem like the 75 | 15 0 has a VE port. It's Bluetooth or nothing. I wish it did. I'd happily purchase USB wire to fix it.

It has a VE.Direct port. It might have a jumper in it.
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