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Is VictronConnect Os X version compatible with Multiplus 12/3000VA/50A?

Hi !

I have already done a firmware update on series 100 of my Multiplus 12/3000VA/50A. My device is an "old processor" 19XX.

After this update, I have processed an Upgrade on series 200.

I've done all of these steps with VEFlash on Windows10 PC (of my neighbour...I usually only work on Mac).

After these cleans firmwares installation, VEconfigure3 seems to reconize the communication with my Multiplus and I will process the voltage limitations due to my brand new "Super Capacitors Bank" to 13,5v.

I don't want use Pb batteries or LiFePo4...They're not a good ecological choice and they're technically too poor compared to SuperCaps.

Yeah...I'm exploring a new way but for the moment...It is a secret :)

Okay...I just would like to know if VictronConnect (PC or Mac Version) is (or will be) compatible with the Old Processor Multiplus 12/3000VA/50A ?

Anybody's did test ? Cause my Mac Version is crashing when the communication is beginning between Device/MK3/Mac.

And the PC Version not crashing but isn't able to customize parameters...

It seems that only VEConfigure3 can works with my device model and I don't got PC but Mac...And VictronConnect for Mac is existing !!!

Thanks for your help.

Pascal Toulouse FRANCE

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