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VRM. Duplicate Fronius in device list and missing data


I have developed a strange situation in the last weeks with VRM portal. The system was installed in January and until now there was no such issue.

The system is grid connected 3 phase Multiplus II with AC coupled Fronius Symo 12,5. I have Cerbo GX with USB stick connected to it. I connected the stick after these issues started. First I thought that the memory will get full on CerboGX when there is no connection. This has not solved the issue.

My VRM portal ID is 102c6b9d0131 (maybe Victron VRM team can check)



I have duplicate Fronius device in the device list.


I have tried to delete both of them separately and together, they both appear back.

I am missing dashboard historical data. Advanced data is all correct and there is plenty of sun. Production is usually 90 - 100 kWh with this kind of day. Dashboard shows only 13 kWh though. Other values seem suspicious as well.



I think it is just a visual issue. The data actually seems to be there.

Multiplus-IIcerbo gxVRMgridFronius
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