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DC generator as input for Smartsolar 150/85

Hello community!

First time user of Victron products. So a big hello to all.

We needed a charge controller in tandem with our new DC Generator model to have the abilty of charging all battery chemistries, with the added features Victron has to offer in that range.

So we decided to test a SmartSolar 150/85 with the dc generator as a replacement to pv input.

Not knowing if it would work or not, we are pleased with the results! Firstly, no magic smoke(thank God for that). Generator started automatically when LiFePo4 batteries reached a preset low SoC. We used a 48v 100ah bank for the test. The generator produced 70vdc @ 40A(limited for the testing). SmartSolar did the job as expected!

We will continue testing over the next few days and upload a video of the end results.

The main purpose of our DC Generators is to be used as a backup source in case of low solar production in off grid situations, telecommunication sites, boats, rv's etc.

All of our dc generators and AutoGen controllers connect through wifi and can be monitored via our mobile app.

So now, Victron can add DC Generators to the solar, wind, hydro list of input sources to their MPPTs.

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Nazareth Kevorkian commented

Very interesting, especially for off grid situations, telecommunication sites, boats as you said. I would like to know more about your DC generators and autogen controllers. We have struggled with DC generators for telecom sites of the past few years as they face challenges in terms of AVRs, power control.

As for the SmartSolar MPPT, I would be concerned of the PV MPPT regulating features that SmartSolars have. I'm not expert in how electronics work in MPPTs to regulate PV power input, but that might affect your DC generator when power reduction function is active in the SmartSolar as the batteries are closing to 100% SOC. Would like to hear more from your tests.

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