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Venus auto start and stop a load on Relay 2 using generator function

I use the generator functions on the Venus relay 1 to run a pool pump once SOC has reach the conditions required. I use battery current to pause the VSD if the current is negative exceeding x amps for x seconds. I use the quiet hours feature to set my day time run hours for the pump.

I have tested the same generator function on my under floor heating to divert excess solar from the MPPTs into the resistive load. All works well except for the fact that relay 2 on the Venus does not have the advanced generator options and I’m using Relay 1 for the pool pump control.

I tried to use assistants in the paralleled multiplus II’s but the generator function in the multiplus II does not have all the extra control options like the Venus has. The Venus generator function even switches the 3.5kw under floor heating off when we start to use the electric stove at lunch time based on user defined AC load as soon as the stove thermostats start to turn off the plates that have reached temperature the extra PV output goes straight back into the under floor heating.

What is the possibility of having the same options that are available on relay 1 added to relay 2

NB to use the generator function to stop and start a load, the stop and start are inverted so when the Venus says generator stopped it’s actually running that load on relay 1 if all the conditions have been met.

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Hi Markus, adding features to relay 2 is on the list; but not in the very near future I'm afraid.

Something else is coming though, see here: .

that allows you to make relay 2 act on events. But you'll have to set it up yourselves (and its all beta for now)

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I really wish you could copy the functionality from the Relay 1 to Relay 2.

It would be really nice to have a GX controller that could handle both genset start/stop and filling a water tank at the same time. Full functionality on both relay's Upvote from me :)

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Hi Markus, could you explain how your manage relay 1, I have a circulation pump on my heat pump that I want to stop once the SOC gets as low as 15% but don't seem to be able to get it set up. I have it linked in series with relay 2 which is switches via a buffer thermister so that when the buffer gets to a low temp then it switches off the pump too. Thanks, Richard.

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