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Installation experience and design recommendations

I just completed an installation of a MultiPlus II in my RV. My comments and suggestions are presented here.

Start by using a larger font in the included manual.

The holes for AC wire access in the bottom of the unit do not line up with the terminal blocks. This might work for smaller gauge wire. Getting the 6 gauge wires from the wire cables to align with the terminal block was difficult.

One of the terminal blocks interferes with a post for connecting the battery + cable. Makes starting the nut difficult. Turning the nut moves the terminal block.

The manual states a blade tool of 2.5mm is required to operate the spring-loaded AC terminal blocks. The wires can actually be pushed into the terminal block without a tool. No wire strip length was mentioned in the manual.

Turning the unit on at the switch immediately tripped the 50 amp breaker on the shore power for the AC input. After checking my connections, I thought the unit might be defective. A post on this forum said to turn off all connected devices to allow initial charging of the capacitors. That corrected the issue. Why is that not clearly stated in the manual? A lot of time wasted for what was a simple fix.

The default battery configuration is a Victron Gell or AGM. The MK3-USB adapter is needed to make changes to the default settings. I have a lithium battery and purchased the adapter to make the necessary change. The adapter did not include any documentation or software. Windows 10 did not recognize the device and I had to search for the driver to install. When I did get the app working it asked for a code to enable editing the configuration. The code is not in the downloaded manual for the MK3-USB. I found the code on this forum.

My battery includes a BMS, however, it does not support Bluetooth. I purchased the VE.bus smart dongle to monitor the device operation. The Bluetooth connect on my phone asked for a pairing code that is not in the documentation. Once again found on this forum.

My suggestion to Victron. Give the device and included documentation to someone who has no previous experience with the device and take notes. Some simple design changes like locating the wire feed holes in line with the terminal blocks would improve the customer experience at minimal engineering cost. Does it really increase the cost so much to include a readable manual?

There are not many posts on the internet related to adding a large inverter to an RV. This unit was recommended on the RV forum by someone who did a similar installation. Our RV came with a 1KW inverter to operate the domestic refrigerator. I want the capability to boondock. The MultiPlus II is a good fit with the built-in transfer switch, sine inverter and battery charger.

Progressive Dynamics support told me it was not possible to add an inverter to the system supplied by the RV manufacturer. The post on the RV forum said that turning off the breaker for the installed PD charger would allow the MultiPlus to work correctly. That step was necessary to prevent the MultiPlus from attempting to charge the battery while drawing power to run PD charger. That change does work.I may disconnect the PD charger from the AC breaker to prevent accidentally turning it back on.

My GMC tow vehicle has 250 and 170 amp alternators with a second battery. It is capable of supplying more current to charge the coach battery while driving. The standard trailer connection is limited to 10 amps. I purchased a Redarc BCD1250 charger. I still need to run power from the second battery to the Redarc charger installed in the RV. The Redarc compensates for voltage loss in the vehicle wiring. It has an inverter which charges the lithium battery at 14.5 volts. Will the MultiPlus-II be compatible? It should be similar to charging from a solar array.

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