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BMS controlled Multiplus (T-Sense and AUX ports voltage)

Hello there,

I have Winston LiFePo4 batteries and a BMS. The BMS has two signal relays that could control other devices. (Allow to charge, allow to discharge)

Now, both signals output 12V and I was wondering if I can connect that directly to the AUX and T-Sense ports on the multi (without optocoupler)? Of course, I would install and activate the “Two Signal BMS Assistant”. However, I'm just not sure if I can feed 12v to the ports?

Thanks in advance

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No, please don't feed 12V up those ports. Opto-isolators would be best, I do this with my BMS. Otherwise relay contacts.

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Thanks for the prompt reply. I’ll do that I just thought it might worth asking.

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I realized that i somehow posted this to the wrong section.. It should be in questions. Can someone move it?

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