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AC1 and AC2 Setup in Venus OS 2.73

Unfortunately, I cannot deactivate AC1 and AC2 in the setup.

May I do something wrong, or it is a bug:

When I go into the system settings, both are displayed as 'unknown'.


If I change them to 'Not available', they are shown as such in the settings, but when I leave the system settings and go back in, they are set to 'unknown' again.



Here the version number:


Venus OSsetup
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Hi p-rhodan, thanks for reporting! I checked, and the way this AC inputs configuration is designed at the moment means that it only works on a real GX device, or on a raspberrypi when having a MK3-USB plugged in.

You could also say that the raspberrypi use case for systems not having an inverter/charger installed was simply forgotten. A bit blunt and probably more nuanced, but well at least it makes it clear.

For your system, which has no AC input at all (I see only a BMV and a SolarCharger) its on our todo list to make the overviews better, both on VRM as well as on the GX device itself.

All the best, Matthijs

Ps. please next time when running on a raspberrypi, add that to the information provided - thanks!

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