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LFP Batterie mit Landstrom

Ich plane eine LFP Batterie mit Smart BMS 12-200 für ein Segelboot.

Teilweise liegt das bewohnte Boot mehrere Wochen an Landstrom. Gibt es eine Einstellung, bei welcher die Batterie nicht dauerhaft voll geladen wird, sondern bei 50% Ladezustand gehalten wird?

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Easy Sola Not inverting

I changed my charge settings on my 16a charge / shoreline connection, for my new lithium system, everything was fine, and the charger out in a about 60amp charge alongside orion ant about 30amps and a few amps of sola.
all was good, batteries very happy at about 98% soc. charge sources disconnect to avoid possibility of over charge, all fine, later when turned on inverter, but wouldn’t activate. Breaker on output appears blown or at least wont switch back on.

I might add, the system is composed of 2x 200ah victron smart lithium battery, in parallel in to a lynx distributor, lynx bms, and another distributor (which easy solar is connected to, as is a 30mp orion, and a battery protect for 12dv loads)

It was fairly hot when charging, but not dangerously so and there were no warnings from colour control or bms in app. (All notifications turned on)

Changed main fuse inside easy sola, no change.
perhaps need to replace breaker? But concerned it will happen again.

Please help!

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Maximum number of Victron LFP in parallel

I have a system which needs 44 LFP 25.6 / 200 Ah (22 string), Can I built this system by using Victron LFP ?

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Victron LFP Smart 200 Battery upgrade and integration with Redarc Manager 30 BMS System?

We are looking at upgrading our camper from a 3 x 105 A/h AGM battery bank to 3 x 200 or 160a/h LFP Smart Victron batteries. My questions are two:

1. I have been advised I willl need a "Battery Management System 12/200 unit for the Victron Batteries, I am assuming I will only need one of these to cover the 3 batteries?

2. The camper runs the Redarc Manager 30 system management, will the Victron BMS 12/200 integrate ok with the Manager 30?

The Victron Batteries are comparable in size to the AGM's and seem to be great quality but are the only batteries on my list that don't run integrated BMS, just don't want to spend the $$$ to find out the equipment is incompatible.



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Can I combine EasySolar 24/1600/40 all-in-one with one Victron LFPSmart 25,6/100 battery ?

Hello, as a beginner I'm trying to design a simple system for off-grid use including:

- one EasySolar 24/1600/40 all-in-one Victron solution

- one LFPSmart 25,6/100 Victron battery with 25,6 V and 100Ah

- 4 x Sunpower Performance 375 Watts solar panels (Reference SPR-P3-375-BLK, each panel has Vmpp: 35.5 V, Impp: 10.57 A, Voc: 43 V, Isc: 11.26 A)

Would such a system make sense? Would I still need a BMS if I'm only using one battery ? Would I need to add anything else to such a system to make it work safely ?

Thanks for your help.

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LFP Smart Battery 330Ah much smaller than 300Ah?


I am just before purchasing a LFP battery bank for my sailboat, but due to limited space I need to know the exact dimensions before.

Now I am wondering that the LFP-Smart 12,8/330 is significantly smaller in size and lower in weight than the 300? Also there are significant, unexpected differences in the max charge and max discharge current. Maybe someone can clarify?


Many thanks to all for your kind support!

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Magnum MSH 3012RV with Victron 12.8V Lithium Battery

Are these components compatible? I know the ME-ARC 50 is an additional required component to set minimum and maximum charge. Are there other required components necessary so the inverter charger and batteries are compatible?

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Discharge voltage of LFP Smart 12.8 V 200 Ah batteries

Curious to find out what voltage users are getting from their 12.8 V 200 Ah Smart LFP batteries during a mild discharge (say less than 0.1 C). This is the latest generation, temporarily labelled -a, that is now the standard model.

I am monitoring a new installation via VRM (the lockdown in France doesn't give me access for now) and have consistently low voltages compared with the discharge curves published by Victron: the difference is in the order of 0.6 V. There is no satisfactory explanation to this so far. Any clue? What are you getting from your new LFP Smart 12.8/200?

Details about the observation

Voltage measurement has been checked by the installer on the batteries directly and is consistent with VRM data.

The Victron document I am referring to is the "Lithium Battery Manual", rev.00 dated 30/09/2020. The discharge chart appears on page 27. For example, at 10% DoD, cell voltage should be a little over 3.4 V, so an expected battery voltage greater than 13.6 V; I am getting 13.0 V.

To my knowledge, Victron didn't really state how they managed the size and weight loss with the new batteries; I am assuming that the above charts apply to the new batteries, but is this correct?

Cells are balanced. The whole installation is Victron, built around a MultiCompact Plus 12/2000/80 and managed by a VE.Bus BMS.

After fully charging the batteries (two in parallel), we read 3.40 V ±0.01 V per cell at rest, so 13.59 V per battery - well below the 14.2 to 14.4 V I would expect from the discharge chart.

Many thanks in advance for any help, guidance, advice...

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