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How to find a good installer (RV full system + Solar)

This is asked with as much respect possible. I want to find a good installer for a full Victron system in my new Super C RV including solar with at least 2760ah of Lithium. Unfortunately some of the Installers on their list are part time tinkerers and a couple are out of business so I'm concerned their list isn't current. A couple I know sell victron and do installs and are not even on their list. We're talking serious bucks and of course risk to the RV and our lives with a bad install so this is all important. One installer talks a good game, but their pics show them mostly mountain biking. Not what I'd expect to see vs install pics and a portfolio of their work. What should I be looking for or asking and should I just call Victron and ask who their biggest installers are? I am willing to travel anywhere in the US for a fantastic installer and feel like the options are not clear to me. Thanks in advance.

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With virtually no laws and very little inspection for mobile and low voltage installations in North America, it can be hard to find someone to trust to get it done right. Lots of shops don’t have the training to do in depth installs and overlook a lot of safety points or cut corners, lots of self-employed “professionals” are literary thinkerers without any formal training, certification or insurance. It can be real hard to find someone to entrust your money, safety and property with.

I specialize in those installations, so if you’re willing to drive to Vancouver Island you’ll get the best service you can find by a long shot with one of the highest quality install available.

If that’s out of the question, I would look for the official Victron distributor in your area and ask them who they trust to do a proper installation and obviously double-check what the installer offers you. Sounds like you have a good understanding of what Victron products offers so you should be able to tell by how the installer describe his work and engineer his installation if that’s a good person to deal with. It goes both ways, but I always feel awkward taking deposits on jobs, because I want to make sure the client is 100% satisfied with the work performed before I collect payment. Beware of people asking for money upfront, especially if you don’t really know how good of a job they do. I fix a lot of work done by shops, manufacturers, John Doe, etc. A big shop doesn’t guarantee quality work, as lots of them are staffed with under trained, under paid, over worked techs and only trives due to the lack of local competition.

I don’t have a website, I don’t need the extra traffic as I’m mostly booked through references, but here’s my FB page, to give you an idea of what I do. Look for someone who takes pride in their work like I do.

DC Marine Facebook Page

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David, Thank you very much for the detailed and thoughtful reply. I want a fantastic install and the detail I see in your work via the FB page and even in the wire runs speaks to me. I'll take your advice and try to find a recommendation from from Victron down here in the states for someone hopefully on the west coast. I'm willing to travel pretty much anywhere for the right installer (because Super C), so depending on how my hunt goes, I may consider heading up your way. After a conversation and a plan of course!

Thank you again and my hunt continues as I welcome all feedback and installers to comment.
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