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Advice to install 6-8 Epoch 12v 460ah batteries- to dual Victron RV install w/Cerbo

I want to have a new Victron system installed in my Super C RV that didn't come with Lithium batteries. I'm trying to work through my battery needs and after figuring out what my (3) Coleman 15k Mach 8 ACs + accessories in my RV will consume, I'm thinking I wouldn't have enough to boondock overnight using just (4) 460s. The Epoch specs look like I can only connect (4) 460s together ether serial or parallel. I am 95% set on the 460s due to space constraints. I found other batteries that can exceed 4 connected into a Victron (dual Multiples Its) and I'm getting razzed by a friend that has a few of another brand and pulled up his specs to show their spec at about 10 batteries I think @ 208ah each.

I have been told perhaps pair up the 460s and connect them in pairs to a Cerbo and I can add as many as is reasonable- safely of course. I'm just curious if there is a work around for perhaps (6) up to (8) 460s as long as the interconnected cabling /bus bar is correct for the power and into the 2 Victron inverters. I will also want to add the solar it doesn't have with 2 controllers and a third controller for a ground array or to connect to a towed trailer.

P.S.- if you are RV an installer in the west with Victron training w/ references, beefy build. PM me.

Thanks in advance.

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