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bmv power consumption

DVCC compensation du courant des charges CC

bonjour, j'ai une config suivante en site isolé :

MPPT 150/35 pour 1600Wc de PV

Multiplus 1600/48

BMV-712 en contrôleur de batterie

Orion 48/12

des charges en 12v DC et 230v AC

batterie 48v, courant de charge max 19A, donc il peut rester potentiellement 16A a distribuer si la prod solaire le permet.

tout est connecté au Cerbo GX et bien visible

J'ai donc activé le DVCC pour avoir la compensation de la charge AC rapportée par le Multi, mais pour les charges en DC, il faut basculer le BMV-712 en contrôleur de charge CC.

Quid du contrôleur de batterie ? Est ce que j'aurai toujours les infos qui sont rapportée quand il était en contrôleur de batterie ?


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Incorrect energy flows on the BMV-712 after updating to Firmware version 4.12

After updating to V4.12, the BMV-712 is constantly showing that the battery is discharging even when I have more solar energy (indicated by the MPPT - Please note that I added an MPPT on the same day that I updated the BMV-712 firmware. Note that all cables have been confirmed to be okay without any reverse polarity). Note that my loads are never above 800 watts. Therefore, the battery has now been discharing and its now at 3% SOC. I have a Cerbo GX device with firmware version 2.92, MPPT 150/45 with firmware version 1.61. Im using a non victron Inverter.


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Incorrect battery kwh consumption reported in VRM?

Everything I have is ESS Victron, no hidden chargers, or dc consumers, no other PV sources apart from victron mppts, no nothing just 3 Quattros 10kva in 3 phase with victron gel batteries, the only AC consumers on critical AC out, so nothing between grid and quattros. (even though sporadically it sometimes reports there's something there until it self calibrates again to 0)

I took a look at reports for this year (check pics) then went on to calculate battery efficiency:



So system sent 5041 PV kwh into them and only got out 2912.. this amounts to only 57% efficiency.. way out of specs and making it seems like batteries are not worth it.

So decided to purchase 1000 shunt to have a more accurate reporting. I Reset it yesterday after sunset, shunt reports 28 kwh consumed during night while VRM only 22.

Now I'm depressed... it means VRM victron is more or less useless if I want to know if I got my moneys worth out of batteries.

What can cause such discrepancy? By my estimations, there's an average of ~300-400w unaccounted for everytime it inverts from batteries.

I also noticed that after battery reaches min SOC and no more inverting out of them, shunt still registers a discharge of 300-400w.

Looking at quattro specs I see a 60w self consumption so 3 x 60 =180w and maybe it's 96% efficiency?

Ok so lets say before the shunt VRM couldn't register self consumption and only reported what it *might* have gotten out of batteries to supply the AC load (so minus self consumption and self efficiency heat etc), but why after hooking shunt to VRM and set as system monitoring device, it doesn't report the shunt consumption?

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BMV-712 Backlight power consumption?

I activated constant backlight while I was aiming to achieve SOC 50-70% on my lithium system before change mode for storage. I forgot to set back default time for backlight and is now seeking info how much power the constant backlight consumes. Anyone knowing the figure? The boat is 2000 km from home.

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BMV-712 Install on multiple batteries

I'm trying to install my BMV-712 on a 2016 Georgetown 364Ts. It has 4 12V house batteries. The coach already has a battery monitor installed. Attached is an image of the layout. I'm not sure where to make my connections? Do i need to remove the existing battery monitor first?

So far I've tried running the battery side of the shunt to battery 1. and I put the ground wire to the load side of the shunt. I also put the small red power cable to battery 3 but do not get power.

Any help on how to connect it would be appreciated!


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shunt negative reading


does this suggest my shunt is wired up back to front.

only Dometic cr50 running and background 12v circuits connected but not on.

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VRM - consumption history after update.

Hi all.

Is anyone have an issue with consumption history after the last update ??

I have victron multi RS Solar.

Before an update I had consumption summary but after update its not showing in VRM portal

I can see love usage but I can't see the summary for the day.


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Is my system defying the laws of physics? :-)

I have a BMV-702 installed in my truck camper with two lithium 100 Ah batteries. The primary bank monitor is connected to lithium house batteries. I went ahead (because I could) and connected the feed coming from the truck as the second bank for monitoring. The batteries in the truck are isolated from the house batteries using a Blue Sea Systems isolator.

What is weird is that I've seen the BMV percentage of charge *increase* over night while boon docking. Once again this morning (after an overcast day yesterday with rain), the BMV was showing a fully charged system even though I saw it down around 90% yesterday.

The video is representative of what I've experienced The monitor may indicate ~90% charge when I go to bed, but be back up at 100% in the morning.

What could be causing this?

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BMV-712 voltage level versus state of charge in old AGM batteries

I just installed a BMV-712 for my bank of 2 Victron AGM 6V-225AH batteries. I used to use the voltage level on my old meter to determine my SOC. I followed the values in this chart followed advice to try to never run my batteries below 50% (12.05V). I did a test by leaving on a ~3A DC load for about 24 hours. After doing so, my BMV-712 told me I was at 77% and 12.25. That's approximately a .2V discrepancy from the chart (where 80% = 12.5V)... not too big a deal. Then I removed the load and waited 25 minutes and the voltage was up to 12.47V. That almost directly lines up with the chart... all good. I'm just wondering if I'm reading this right. These batteries are pretty old (~6-7 years) and seem to be in great shape, but how would I track them for degradation. Would the V to SOC numbers stop lining up so well or will it just lose energy quicker? Is the BMV smart enough to account for degraded batteries?

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Does my BMV700 include / calculate its own consumption?

As per thread title,

Does my BMV700 include it's power consumption, in it's calculations?

My BMV700 is included as part of my BMS. The relay in the BMV700 has to be closed to complete the cell monitoring loop.

Does the BMV monitor / calculate it's own power consumption?

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