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Multiplus-II charger settings/battery type for my AGM battery bank

Hi everyone! I have set up a system with a Multiplus-II 24/3000/70-32 connected to a battery bank made out of 32 UPLUS AGM batteries (data sheet below), 75Ah each. I have two Epever MPPT regulators feeding the battery bank with PV power and mains connected but only used when higher demand or low battery pre-alarm is present via the virtual switch.

I want to configure the charger correctly for this setup to get most out of the batteries and not harm them. My typical daily loads are very low, around 200W, but now and then when using tools or equipment up to 5000w for shorter periods of time. In the future I will add a small electric boiler for hot water and a heat pump for heating/AC.

This is the datasheet for the exact batteries I use:


This is my current settings page for the charger:


I would appreciate any reflections of whether my settings are suitable or not. I don't have very much experience configuring these systems.



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