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Phoenix Smart Inverter: issues with Dynamic cutoff

SUMMARY: when "Dynamic Cutoff" feature is turned on, the inverter starts throwing "Low battery" warnings and alarms, in disagreement with the configured load/voltage values.

So, I recently bought a Victron Phoenix Smart 12/2000 230VAC inverter and I'm having some issues with it (more details about my installation on my first post in this series).

When I turn on the "Dynamic cutoff" feature in the Victron app, set the battery type to LiFEPO4 and the battery capacity to 100Ah (which reflects the single Pylontech RV12100 LiFePO4 battery connected to it for these tests) and accept all default values (which are 13.00V for discharge current 1A, ditto 12.50V for 25A, 12.30V for 70A and 12.00V for 200A). When I save this configuration, I immediately start receiving "Low battery" notifications, first as warnings and then as alarms. After a dozen seconds or so, the inverter shuts down.

The problem is, the reported Voltage value in the main app screen while all this is happening is exactly and stably 13.10V, which is far greater than any of the above "Voltage for discharge current" configured voltages.

This happens with a light (~60W real, purely resistive) load (which the Victron incorrectly reports as only 36VA, see my other post referred above), and also with a heavier 800W (also purely resistive) load.

So, what's happening? Could this be somehow related to the large inaccuracy in the measured VA/current values I'm seeing on these inverters?

Thanks in advance for your help.

EDIT: this happens with both my original inverter, and a mint one my Victron reseller pulled from their inventory so we could repeat the tests (again, see my first post which I point to above).

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Here the same, 2 years later Victron not solved the problem, nobody from the company is interested in the Bugs they produce in the software, I am tired to be a beta tester...

Or is there a solution, meanwhile??

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