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Smart Shunt, Victron Connect with Huawei P8 lite

Hi all,

I recently installed the SmartShunt in my car to monitor my second battery. Unfortunately I have difficulties accessing the SmartShunt via Victron Connect on some of my Android devices. I only managed to get access on my Lenovo Tab2 with Android 6.0.1.

So far so good but I'm having trouble connecting the SmartShunt with my Huawei P8 lite (Android 6.0). I get to the point to enter the pin code but then the app just stays at 80% and not proceeding any further. Any ideas to solve this?

Additionally I've an Android 10 radio installed in my car. Here the Victron doesn't even see the SmartShunt. Any ideas here, because it would be nice just to use the car radio to check the batterie status.

I'm looking forward to your replies.

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