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Help programming Phoenix Charger 12/30

Hi there,

I need some help programming the Phoenix Charger model 12/30. I have followed the manual as best I can, but nothing seems to work.

I first tried to program it without the remote control, using a voltmeter. I switched it on as instructed in the manual, and the correct LEDs were alternately blinking. However the voltage on the voltmeter, in DC mode, was way off - around 40-50 millivolts, whereas the manual said it would be in the 12-16 volt range. I was hooked up to the positive and negative just like it suggested. Additionally, the up and down buttons had no effect.

I then tried to program it with the remote control, and it was entering into all the correct modes (based on the LED patterns), however, I was unable to actually alter any of the voltage settings using the up and down buttons on the circuit board. No matter how many times I clicked or in which direction, the LEDs on the remote never changed their flashing patterns.

Am I missing something? I have the batteries disconnected, and there is no voltage or temperature sensor either. I just have it plugged into mains and following the instructions.

I have contracted my distributor but so far they have not helped me.

Thank you for your help!

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