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Cerbo Gx with ET112+Smart devices

This is the equipment I have:

  • Cerbo GX and GX Touch 50
  • 2 x ET112 connected with 2 RS485 to USB Adapters
  • SmartShunt 1000A connected via VE Direct Cable
  • 3 Smart Battery Sense
  • 1 Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-18 isolated


1 Et 112 to generator Output

1 Et 112 to Shore power line

SmartShunt to Service battery

1 Smart Battery Sense engine battery

1 Smart Battery Sense thruster battery

1 Smart Battery Sense for a secondary battery

Questions :

  1. How can I connect the Smart Battery Sensors to Cerbo in order to get voltage information?
  2. If the above is not possible, how can I get voltage information from other batteries?
  3. How can I insert the on AC Input to show me voltage of the grid?
  4. Is it possible to have separate information for the Generator output?
  5. How can I setup an alarm whenever the shore power is being disconnected?
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1 Answer
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The Smart Battery Sense is intended to be used either on its own to show battery Voltage and temperature on a VictronConnect device (mobile telephone) or to provide Voltage and temperature information to a charger or MPPT solar charger.
Smart Battery Sense does not connect to a Cerbo (or any Venus device).
See introduction section for the SBS manual:

A system is supposed to comprise of only one system battery (the main battery which is charged by and supplies energy to the system). The Voltage of a starter battery (or one other battery) may also be monitored using the Aux input of a Smart Shunt or BMV 702/712.
It is not intended to monitor several random batteries (ones which do not contribute energy to the system) in one instance.

The AC Input shows up when a MultiPlus or Quattro is connected. The sensors for the AC inputs are within those products.
ET112 energy meters are intended to supplement the MultiPlus / Quattro internal sensors for measuring additional sources of energy such as PV Inverters.
See Q11 here:

If you have two AC Inputs sources then you should use a Quattro which has two separate AC inputs intended for shore and generator. Then it is possible to see generator production information.

Yes, it is possible to set a grid loss alarm when a MultiPlus / Quattro is present in the system.

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