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ET340 at single phase system (L1) and PV at L2 - RS485 communication breaks at night


I run a grid connected ESS system:

MultiPlus II (48/3000), CCGX, ET340 meter connected via Victron RS485 to USB interface.

1kWp PV system and BMZ li-ion battery.

I use a ET 340 meter: All house loads via L1 and PV production on L2 ("Single phase dual function" as shown here:

Multi Plus II is connected at AC in.

The system runs well during day times. But at night/early morning the meter looses connection to the CCGX (via RS485 adapter) and doesn't reconnect automatically. Both grid and PV power aren't not available anymore and the system stops operating (no charging or discharging).

After a restart of the CCGX the system runs well again (until next night).

Any idea how to fix this problem.

Many thanks, Bernd Lienemann

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