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MPPT always shows 14.2V when Smart Battery Protect disables charging

Hi all,

I have used the Victron automotive wiring example for my 12V Sprinter build. Everything works fine, but I was wondering about one thing. To disconnect the MPPT charges a Smart Battery Protect 100 is used:


Now, if the BMS recognized f.e. high cell voltage it uses the remote control of the BP and no current is going to the lithium batteries. So far, so good. Instead of the "normal" shunt in combination with the BMV used in the schematics I use a Smart Shunt only. The Smart Shunt shares the cell voltage with the MPPT via VE.Smart network.

Now I have recognized the following. Everytime when the BP disconnects the current from the battery the MPPT shows a battery voltage of 14.2V even if the Smart Shunt battery voltage is only 14.0V (which is correct and verified via bluetooth connection to the smart lithium batteries).

Is this normal behaviour or am I doing something wrong?

The Smart Battery Protect is set to mode C (Lithium-Ion). The MPPT is using the Lithium Ion preset with a absorption voltage of 14.2V and float of 13.5V.

Thansk in advance


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