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MPPT -> BP100 E1 Error & Absorption

I'm experiencing an issue whereby the BP100 from my MPPT 50/100 is erroring with E1 in the following situation:

1. Temperature drops below BMV-712 Relay trigger amount during the night (5c)
2. BP100 is remotely disconnected via BMV-712 relay
3. Sunrises
4. MPPT in Bulk shows a PV voltage but no current (obviously, BP100 is still disconnected)
5. At some point MPPT moves to Absorption
6. Temperature rises to reset BMV-712 Relay trigger (6c)
7. BP-100 errors with E1, with MPPT still in Absorption

At this point I disconnect the PV fuse to reset the MPPT and BP100, when I reconnect fuse MPPT goes back into Bulk and BP100 works as expected.

- I have the MPPT connected to the BP100 Input and battery to the Output so as it's not reversed
- The distance between my battery and BP100 / MPPT is all of 30cm
- The distance between BP100 and BMV-712 is about 50cm
- I'm 90% confident there isn't a short-circuit, I previously wired the remote disconnect to the wrong BP and the whole system was working as expected (apart from the low temperature MPPT disconnect)

See circuit diagram attached.

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