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Phoenix Multi Compact 12/800/35-16 Overload Warning and Low Battery Alarm

Dear all, we have recently bought a Multi compact 12/800VA together with a SB SUNLIGHT AccuForce 12V - 150Ah Solar VRLA Battery in order to replace an ONLINE UPS in a on-Grid Photovoltaic 500kWp installation. The system works in 12V mode. The inverter charger is connected to the AC grid and the only load is the Protection Relay (SEPAM) from Schneider Electric installed on the Medium Voltage Switchgears Board. The charging mode is 99% in "Storage" mode cause the load is very little. The problem we are facing is that after two or three days of operating the Inverter goes to fault mode and the alarms we got is overload and today together with a Low Battery Alarm and the PV station goes out of the Grid. The only thing we do when the fault comes is to go and turn off and on the inverter/charger and the problem is (temporary) solved. Today the fault happened, we got a "grid lost" e-mail message, when we reached the inverter the fault was gone (only the green light when on), as it seems the inverter was inverting. We turned off and on the inverter and the inverter "saw" again the AC grid.

Since we bought the inverter we did not do any optimizations or changed any settings for example for the current output (everything is as it came from the distributor). The system also has a Color Control GX and we can monitor the system from the VRM Portal. Please see attached pictures, videos. Any ideas for the fault or settings needed are much appreciated! No clue why thr fault takes place, on the other hand the overload maybe comes because the SEPAM maybe draws a lot of current in order to power the motorized central medium voltage circuit breaker.20200316 Status Monitoring2.jpgfaults.jpginput current limit.jpgMV SEPAM.jpgBattery.jpgGrid connection restore.mp4

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Guys I just noticed that when the SEPAM drives in the motorized medium voltage CB the AC POWER pulled reaches ~330W. So in a 12V system the current is equal to 27,5Amp. Could this be the problem? Are there any setting to sustain this amp. for 3-4 secs? Morever can we set the inverter to sustain the AC grid connection even if the AC grid frequency or voltage reaches more "harsh" values?

Best Georgios, thank you for your support!

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Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) avatar image Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) ♦♦ trienergiamixaniki commented ·

Hi @trienergiamixaniki

Yes a 330W motor can be a problem for an 800 VA inverter.

I'd test that with a multimeter to the DC input of the inverter, to see if the voltage drop is not too big, but maybe the inverter is just nog big enough for the motor.

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trienergiamixaniki avatar image trienergiamixaniki Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) ♦♦ commented ·

Hello Daniël, thank you for your comment. Since my last post we did not have any other incident. Even though we tested again the function by manually removing the AC grid, we did not get any warning or alarm. Question. The relay 1 state was to position "closed". Now since yesterday it change to open. Does it anything to do with the alarm relay option? Should we set this on?

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