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Excel VRM kWh Export anomalies

Every time I expert this data, there are these gaps which simply just does not make sense. Thoughts anyone?

VRMBattery Protectbug report
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Do you see the same when you do an export of the other datafile (second one from the list below for the same period)? Do you use .csv or .xls?

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Hi @ejrossouw

Do you still have this problem?

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Hello @Riaan Barkhuizen I will have a look today and let you know.

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@Riaan Barkhuizen I downloaded CSV and XLS and as you can see, no specific pattern and strange time skips.

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This is a log of the the time the connection with data was logged on VRM. Yours looks as though it is set to report every 15minutes. Column B gives the report offset meaning the time difference between the reports and the time it is meant to log the report. You can set the logs as close as one minute apart. Sometimes it is unable to connect to the VRM to log the data and that is when you see gaps in the data. You can also install a micro SD in the Color control so there is a local storage of information, this also give it somewhere to store the info in case it cannot upload when it is set to.

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Up to 8 attachments (including images) can be used with a maximum of 190.8 MiB each and 286.6 MiB total.

Thank you @Alexandra. My logging interval is set at 5min. The lower one shows that. The other report only show 15 min intervals which is also not in line with my settings either. The internet is stable so it does not explain it either. The GX also has enough buffer to transmit at least 24hrs which is my experience with another remote system and poor internet.

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I think the kWh log is always in 15min intervals, while the detailed data log will contain more datapoints, like 5 sec intervals.

I also think that the cgx time setting provides the frequency at which data is sync'ed to the server.

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