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GX LTE 4G-A not transmitting to VRM

Hello everyone,

I am having an issue with the GX LTE-A transmitting data to VRM. I have a T-Mobile unlimited data SIM card. The GX LTE shows that it is connected to the T-Mobile network. Internet-Online, Sim status-Ready. I have also manually entered the APN (

When I look at VRM online portal I see error #159.

If I turn off Use Secure Connection (HTTPS) I get error #150

Please see photos for reference.

Any help on the matter would be greatly apricated.




cerbo gxVRM4g
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Have you tried to put the SIM card in some other modem, to get online with a PC?

I would try that, to rule out any provider problems.

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chanceb avatar image chanceb markus ♦♦ commented ·
I will give this a try.


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It could be any number of issues including DNS failing. Can you try it in another device? From the manual the error codes are defined as:

Error #150 Unexpected response text: The http/https call succeeded, but the response was incorrect. This indicates that there is a WiFi or network login page. Such as seen in Airports, Hotels, Marinas or RV campgrounds some times. There is no solution to make the CCGX work with a WiFi network that requires such login page and/or accepting of terms of use.

Error #159 Unknown error: this is a catch-all error for errors that cannot be directly categorised. In such cases the Error message will provide information about the problem

I would be tempted to say there is some sort of filtering or proxy being done by T-Mobile on this SIM card. Have you spoken with them?

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chanceb avatar image chanceb commented ·
Hi bathnm,

Thanks for your response. I have a 4g modem on the way for my PC and will give that a try.

I'll give T-mobile a call as well. When I picked up the sim card it was very difficult to find someone who was knowledgeable in this matter. (no surprise there)

also thought this was interesting. I tried a SIM card from a cell phone with the same data plan and received error #153. I had the same results with a new SIM card for my personal cell. When I put in the new SIM I get error #159, #150 just like the photos above and after putting the SIM into my phone it changes to #153 and dose not recognize T-Mobile as the carrier.

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