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CerboGX Programming Change Request (DVCC Temperature Source)

A question for the hardware/software designers at Victron...

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

I just installed a temperature sensor on each battery in my boat house bank (4 sensors in total) and connected them to the temperature sensor inputs on CerboGX.

Is there a way to make CerboGX report to DVCC the temperature of the HOTTEST sensor in this group for temperature compensation while charging?

The reason behind this question: I am on a THIRD set of Victron SuperCycle 170Ah batteries which randomly go into thermal runaway with no rhyme or reason.

The installation was double-checked by two different Victron installers, the firmware is up to date, the settings on all devices triple triple-checked, and there is never overvoltage when charging according to the logs.

Meanwhile, randomly while in absorption one of the batteries starts consuming increasingly more power, heats up, etc. After the battery cools down it might go through several charging cycles with no issues and then another battery exhibits the same behavior. And then another one.

There is currently no way to give Multiplus an early warning since if the temperature sensor selected as active in DVCC is on the terminal of a normally behaving battery the overheating battery continues to heat up until it heats the battery with the active sensor at which point the damage has already been done.

BTW, there are multiple posts in these forums and multiple reports all over the Internet about the thermal runaway issues of the SuperCycle batteries so if this programming change can be implemented in Cerbo GX it would save a lot of grief for many boat and RV owners...

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