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Blue Smart Charger

Hi Hive mind,

I have a DC system - Venus, Smart Shunt, Solar Controllers. Winter is coming and solar isn't quite cutting it, I have a Blue Smart Charger 15amp that I am using to keep my batteries nicely topped up and connected directly to my batteries.

I am wanting to know:

A - how much power I am actually taking from the grid.

B - what do I need to add to make sure VRM is reporting the correct info.

I know adding a Multiplus or similar will report all this, but it seems a little overkill as I have nothing that uses 230V. I have also seen the Phoenix Smart chargers that Have a VE.Direct port built in, but they seem a little overkill as well seen as though I am only using a charge current of 7.5 amps

1. Is it better to use a AC energy meter or a DC smart shunt in energy meter mode

2. If I went down the Ac energy meter path, would it display on Venus as AC IN and my VRM stats show up correctly.

thoughts, comments, suggestions, solutions all appriciated


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